We started our activities more than a decade ago, and with great effort and dedication we established ourselves as the largest beauty and personal hygiene accessories company in Brazil.

Today our portfolio has 16 different categories, positioning us as leaders or occupying a prominent position in the main segments in which we operate.


We have a robust distribution that serves the pharma, food, perfumery, department stores and distributors channels. We are present in thousands of points of sale throughout the Brazilian territory.

Recently we started investing in the cosmetics business exploring market niches and developing new categories of products unprecedented in the Brazilian scenario.

We value a culture of respect as the basis of all our relationships. Our processes are oriented towards results.

We are recognized for our agility, innovation, quality and governance.

We are passionate about what we do.


We were born from a dream, we grow and continue to dream.


We believe that beauty is for all.


Our passion is to delight consumers and customers with our products and services, every day.


We are reference in hygiene and beauty and want to go much further, without losing our simplicity.


For this, you are fundamental. Without you, this project does not take place.


This is what makes us wake up every day: the confidence that we’re together, making this dream happen.