Maybe you don’t know, but you have lots of Belliz Company brands’s products in your day to day!

We have been in the Business for over twenty years and we are reference in hygiene and Beauty. We were the first company to bring the racket shaped brush to Brazil and since then, brushes and combs are the most important and recognized line we possess.

Nowadays our portfolio counts on over a thousand items which are divided in 5 brands and 16 categories: brushes and combs, scissors, professional accessories, electrics, nail care, nails, makeup accessories, facial care, among others.

We possess expertise on identification of international tendencies and we map the innovation in their countries of origin, mainly in Asia and we launch over 100 new products per year.

We participate in the main beauty related fairs in the world to capture all that is new and with an agile and efficient distribution format, we guarantee that the news will come fast in the hands, hair, eyelashes, face and body of the consumers from all Brazil.

Belliz is a brand that celebrates beauty that goes beyond beauty. The beauty of preparing yourself every day for the challenges, the beauty that comes from the claw and not giving up, the beauty that is retouched throughout the journey and the beauty that vibrates when you win the battles and you achieve what you want. Belliz has a complete portfolio of products for all those moments like makeup brushes and sponges, hair brushes and combs, fingernails and false eyelashes, so all women can prepare, conquer and celebrate.

To see life in a colorful way translating it into uncomplicated products, that excite and arouse smiles, is the Ricca way of being! With a portfolio full of colors, fun prints and surprising results, the brand has captured the heart of Brazilian millennials, turning them into true #RiccaLovers

Vertix Professional is a brand created from professional to professional that aims to potentialize the talent and connect the professional with all trends and techniques and for this provides a complete and updated line of professional products such as brushes and combs, scissors, disposable, among others. In 2019 the brand also launched an electric line with hair dryers, plates, machines and modelers. Vertix Professional also has an exclusive platform of 100% free online courses: VTX | LAB

Precision. This is the key word that makes up the Enox brand DNA.

Enox brings a wide line of cutlery, with nippers, cutters, tweezers and nail files, as well as items for the male public with beard and mustache accessories.

Kess is a line of toothbrushes, dental floss and other products for oral hygiene, and what makes Kess a special brand is that each product was developed to encourage people to smile more. They are quality products, fun, practical and accessible for all Brazilians.

We are present throughout the national territory. We serve the perfumery, pharma, and supermarkets.

One of ours biggest priorities is the execution of our brands in the points of sale.

We want our products to be available and close of the consumers with promotional materials and special projects.

Frequently our products are featured on the mainly vehicles of communication of the country.

With participation in the most important beauty fair of the country, Belliz Company stands out for your variety of products and innovation, generating lots of business.



We were born from a dream, we grow and continue to dream.


We believe that beauty is for all.


Our passion is to delight consumers and customers with our products and services, every day.


We are reference in hygiene and beauty and want to go much further, without losing our simplicity.


For this, you are fundamental. Without you, this project does not take place.


This is what makes us wake up every day: the confidence that we’re together, making this dream happen.